Virago Card

Virago was a prototype StarViper-class attack platform and the personal starship of Prince Xizor. Virago had four adjustable wings and thrust nacelles that moved constantly during flight, which created the illusion that Virago was a strange, living creature. Each of the vehicle's wings were capped with two microthrusters. To achieve high speeds and for atmospheric travels, the craft's wings folded closed behind the cockpit.

In combat, the Virago's four wings expanded for better manoeuvrability. They moved and used the same type of S-foil technology used on the X-wing starfighter. These wings were heavily armoured and each contained a power generator along with reserve fuel tanks for long travels.

Card Text/Abilities Edit


Your upgrade bar gains the System and Illicit upgrade icons.

You cannot equip this card if your pilot skill value is "3" or lower.

Available Through Edit

StarViper Expansion Pack

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