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Tractor Beam Card

Tractor Beam Reference corrected

Corrected Tractor Beam Token Reference Card (FAQ v.4.11, 3/15/2016)

Swx41 tractorbeam-reference

Original Tractor Beam Token Reference Card

Card Text/Abilities[]

ATTACK: Attack 1 ship.

If this attack hits, the defender receives 1 tractor beam token. Then cancel all dice results.

Tractor Beam Token[]

A ship with at least one tractor beam token assigned to it follows special rules during these phases:

- Combat Phase: The agility value of that ship is reduced by 1 for each tractor beam token, to a minimum of 0.

- End Phase: Remove all tractor beam tokens from the ship.

The first time a small ship receives a tractor beam token each round, the opposing player may choose one of the following effects:

- Perform a barrel roll using the [1 straight] maneuver template. The opposing player selects the direction of the barrel roll and the final position of the ship.

-Perform a boost using the [1 straight] maneuver template.

This is not an action or a maneuver, and can cause the ship to overlap obstacles (but not other ships). The ship suffers the effect of any obstacle it overlaps.


  • if a ship equipped with Ruthlessness uses Tractor Beam to attack an enemy small ship and hits, that ship must first boost or barrel roll the enemy ship, then trigger Ruthlessness. (FAQ v.4.1.1, 3/15/2016)
  • if a ship is equipped with both Tractor Beam and Tactician, the tractor beam token is resolved as part of the attack, then the distance is measured for Tactician. (FAQ v.4.1.1, 3/15/2016)

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