Some abilities cause ships to gain, spend, or remove tokens. Tokens are used to track effects and come in a variety of colors.

  • When a ship is instructed to gain a token, a token from the supply is placed in the play area next to the ship.
  • When a ship is instructed to spend a token or there is an instruction to remove a token from a ship, a token of that type is returned from that ship to the supply.
  • When a ship is instructed to transfer a token to another ship, it is removed from that ship and assigned to the other ship.
    • If a ship involved in a transfer is not able to remove or gain the token involved, the transfer cannot take place.
  • The physical position of a token in the play area does not provide any effect and is merely representational of belonging to the ship.

Positive Tokens[edit | edit source]

These tokens tend to be assigned by taking a specific action, but other effects can grant them as well.

These tokens generally provide benefits for the ships they are assigned to.

Negative Tokens[edit | edit source]

These are assigned by actions, weapons, and various abilities; they generally cause unwanted effects on the ships they are assigned to.

Target Lock Tokens[edit | edit source]

The Blue target lock token is assigned to your ship after performing the "Target Lock" Action; a matching Red target lock token is then assigned to a valid target (as defined in the rules).

Markers[edit | edit source]

Markers are distinct from tokens in function, but are listed here for convenience.

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