• This is a thread for all ideas for astromechs and salvaged astromechs. Please be serious, i.e try to keep your suggested cards viable and not hilariously under/overpowered. Thanks.

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    • Dual Card: Astromech, X-wing only

      Engine Priority (0p)

      Start game with one shield less. Your action bar gains the [boost] action, until all shields are lost.

      Shield Priority (0p)

      Only ships with [boost] action. Start game with one extra shield. You can not perform boost actions.


      Astromech, X-wing only

      Power Control Astromech (0p)

      Action: discard one shield to perform a free boost action.

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    • "Chopper" (Face Up)

      Rebel Only. Dual Card.

      Whenever you recieve a damage card you may perform one free action. Then assign one stress token to your ship.

      Astromech, 2 pts.

      "Chopper" (Face Down)

      Rebel Only. Dual Card.

      Whenever you recieve a stress token you may perform one free action. Then deal one facedown damage card to your ship.

      Astromech, 0 pts.

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    • That's a really neat card.

      I assume face-down is intended to give you the action even if you're stressed?  Or before receiving the stress?

      If you're already stressed, is the face up side meant to still give you the action?  If not, then that keeps you from doing 2 free actions from one attack, which is a good self-balancer.

      But you may want to word it so it's clear only only receive the stress if you opt to take the free action.  Same with facedown -- make it clear you take the extra damage if you accept the free action.

      BTW I mean this critique to be entirely constructive, not to make you feel bad!  This card sounds really cool and I like it a lot.

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    • Yeah I intended for the face up side to work only if you weren't already stressed and the face down side to let you perform the action even though you are already stressed since it requires a stress token to trigger.

      Corrected Text (Faceup): "Whenever you recieve a damage card, if you are not already stressed you may perform one free action, then assign one stress token to your ship."

      Corrected Text (Facedown): "Whenever you  would recieve a stress token you may first perform one free action, then assign the stress token and one face down damage card."

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    • ALright I got a few,

      R0 astromech- your action bar gains the tech upgrade icon. You cannot equip this upgrade if you already have a tech upgrade icon. (1 or 2 points)

      Discount Astromech- this card has a negative squad point cost (-4 or -5 points). After executing a stressful meneuver, roll one evade dice. On a focus or evade result, suffer an additional stress token.

      R0-H2- treat all Koiogran Turn's as white meneuvers. (3 or 4 points)

      Can't decide what they'd be worth or if there good. Love to hear your guys opinions.

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    • R0 might be nice, but it kind of takes the specialness out of the ships with tech (and those to come)

      A negative astro with a negative effect is always interesting

      R0-H2, though... I don't think that would be healthy for anyone. Defenders already have the stupid white k-turn down, and I don't think adding the capability for 5 more ships (all rebel, at that) would be helpful for game balance. A nice thought, but I would doubt that it would end well.

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    • I figured R0 would help all those ships who came before that concept. U-wings have it so there is no reason the other rebel ships shouldn't. I think you're right about R0-H2. I just hate how Tie-D's are the only ones who have white K-turns or green about the countess.

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    • Do you mean system upgrade slot?  U-wing doesn't have tech.  I agree with applepie, tech should be kept for ships from the sequel trilogy.

      Discount astro, probably underpriced.  more like -2 to -3 points, perhaps.  It does sound interesting, we have yet to get a -ve cost downgrade for more than one type of ship.

      Jumpmasters have white segnor's loops, they and Defenders are the 2 most annoyingly OP ships in the game at the moment, and so I think it's probably best to stay away from that area (other than in Pilot abilitys and synergys).

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    • Oh my God you're right. I don't know why I keep thinking the the U-wing has tech :/. Still think it'd be nice for some other ships to have that upgrade though. Also if you good negative to go with RH-02 I think that would help like can't use focus or maybe roll a dice to see if you get stressed. I just cant think of any besides those.

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    • R0: When I fly T70s, I usually use Primed Thrusters or Pattern Analyzer. In effect, my tech slot primarily allows me to Boost after a red manuever. The X-wing (or Y) cant boost anyway. So I would not use R0 much, I think. The E-wing could perhaps use it though.

      Discount Astromech: one additional stress token is bad, but it releases 4-5points. I think everyone would use it with their 4x Y+TLT-lists. 24-4=20. So you can make a 5x Y+TLT-list. Not balanced.

      R0-H2: Since K-turn is the only trick the X-wing can do I think this one is interesting. Someone mentioned Defenders above... I don't really want to encourage ships to make repeated K-turns. However, on the same theme:

      R0-G2: When you have revealed a 4-K-turn you may treat it as a red K-turn of any speed (1-5).

      I mostly have T-65 X-wing on my mind here. Perhaps it could be available to Y-wings as well.

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