•Ten Numb
PS 8 3 Weapon
Cost 31 1 Agility
Faction Rebel 3 Hull
Errata No 5 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primary
Pilot Ability
When attacking, one of your critical results cannot be canceled by defense dice.
Focus • Target Lock • Barrel Roll
Modification • Elite • System • Cannon • Torpedoes x2 • Crew (With B-Wing/E2)
Maneuver Chart
Available Through
B-Wing Expansion Pack
Ten Numb, a former bounty hunter and demolitions expert, joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and was assigned to Blue Squadron. During the assault on the second Death Star, Ten Numb was ordered to lead a B-wing attack against Imperial command ships. He carried out meritorious service during the battle, and was promoted as Blue Leader after the conflict.

Following the truce at Bakura, Ten Numb helped combat forest fires on the forest moon of Endor, using his B-wing's reconfigured weapons systems to spray fire extinguishing fluid over the canopy.

He accompanied Luke Skywalker and various members of Rogue Squadron to Corellia, where he was separated from the group when he followed Imperial storm commandos on a stolen speeder bike. He was captured by General Weir, who took him to Tralus. The other Rogue Squadron members followed his signal, but arrived too late, as Ten was killed during interrogation.

Card Text/AbilitiesEdit

When attacking, 1 of your critical results cannot be canceled by defense dice.

Possible Upgrades Edit

EliteSystemCannonTorpedoes (2)ModificationCrew (if B-Wing/E2 is fielded for this ship)

FAQ Edit

  • This ability only applies to dice and added dice results such as from an evade token or C-3PO, rules that specifically cancel dice results such as accuracy correctors are not affected.
  • Ten Numb's critical results cannot be cancelled by added evade results, such as those added by an evade token or C3PO.
  • Evade tokens, C-3PO, and other game abilities that add results cannot be used to cancel Ten Numb’s result, as these added results count as defense dice results.

Available Through Edit

B-Wing Expansion Pack

Card Artist Edit

Ben Zweifel

Alternate Card Art Edit

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