Ship sizes are Small, Large or Huge. This determines the size of the ship's base, and can also affect which upgrades it's allowed to equip.

  • Small ships are the length of a 1 straight maneuver.
  • Large ships are the length of a 2 straight maneuver.
  • Huge Ships use two large bases connected by a special cardboard baseplate. Huge ships can only be fielded in Epic Games. They also have their own special stats and maneuver template.

Large ships travel further than small ships simply because their base is twice the size. If Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker start out with their front guides flush with each other, then each perform the same speed of straight maneuver, Chewbacca will be ahead by the length of a 1 maneuver. Actions like Boost or Slam can further enhance this effect. Large ships also perform barrel rolls differently from small ships.

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