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R2 Astromech Card

The R2-series astromech droid was a model of astromech droid produced by Industrial Automaton, boasting a level of success that was never equaled in Industrial Automaton's long history. A combination of excellent design, high-quality marketing, and good timing made this astromech droid one of the most sought after droids in history, and one of the few vintage astromech series still in active production decades after it was first designed, including the prototype R2-0. The line was so successful that the Galactic Empire took credit for the design. The average cost for an R2 unit was about 4245 Republic Credits.

Card Text/Abilities[]

You may treat all 1- and 2-speed maneuvers as green maneuvers.


  • A ship equipped with R2 Astromech that has Damaged Engine assigned to it treats all of its turn maneuvers as red maneuvers, including the 1- and 2-speed turn maneuvers.
  • If ship is ionized, R2 Astromech’s ability does make the white [Straight 1] maneuver green. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.1.1, Updated 07/24/2015)

Available Through[]

Y-Wing Expansion Pack

Card Artist[]

Lukasz Jaskolski