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First appearing in The Force Awakens, the quadjumper arrives to X-Wing™ as a Scum and Villainy ship, full of new maneuvers and dirty tricks. In addition to its pre-painted quadjumper miniature, the Quadjumper Expansion Pack allows you to militarize this typically unarmed ship with four Scum pilots and eight upgrades. These include new crew members, illicit technologies, and a modification that grants extra versatility to your tractor beam tokens. Finally, a unique elite pilot talent and associated condition help your elite pilots pay back their debts against those who have done them wrong.

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play.

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  • Quadjumper

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  • Focus Token
  • Stress Token
  • Critical Hit Token
  • Condition Token "A Score to Settle" (A Debt To Pay)
  • Tractor Beam Tokens (x5)
  • Thermal Detonator Token
  • ID Tokens #66 (x3)

Reference Cards Edit

  • Tractor Beam
  • Segnor's Loop
  • Reverse
  • Condition Cards
  • Bomb Token - Reference Card #7
  • Using Bombs
  • Modifications and Titles

Additional Information Edit

Swx61 dial
FFG Part Number SWX61

"Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug (Quadjumper)" Maneuver Card