Swx41 misthunter
The Mist Hunter was a modified Byblos Drive Yards G-1A starfighter that was owned by Zuckuss, a Gand bounty hunter. The Mist Hunter, which was named for the ammonia mists of Gand, was specially commissioned by a group of Gand venture capitalists led by Zuckuss himself. The vessel was originally a standard G-1A transport, though the modified vessel made use of repulsorlift technology used in the construction of combat cloud cars. The Mist Hunter was piloted by Zuckuss and his droid partner 4-LOM, with room for eight passengers and a metric ton of cargo. It was armed with twin assault lasers and a tractor beam projector.

Card Text/AbilitiesEdit


Your action bar gains the Barrel Roll action icon.

You must equip 1 "Tractor Beam" upgrade card (paying its squad point cost as normal).

Available ThroughEdit

Mist Hunter Expansion Pack

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