X-Wing Miniatures Mission #14: Hunting the Hunter is a scenario that comes from the Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

The bounty hunter hisses as his ship is violently wrenched out of hyperspace. Klaxons blare and his scopes light up with a squadron of Rebel fighters, coming in fast and looking none too friendly. Too many to fight, but something had disabled his hyperdrive - there! Four gravity well projectors in an interdiction pattern. Well, well it had been a while since he walked into a trap. Never mind; the Rebels were about to find out they snared a bigger fish then they bargained for.

Mission Setup[edit | edit source]

Rebel: 150 squad points; when the Rebel player builds his squad, he must build 2 groups of up to 75 squad points each.

Scum & Villainy: Bossk (Marksmanship, Outlaw Tech, Engine Upgrade, Hound's Tooth), 50 squad points. Alternatively, the Scum player may build a squad of up to 100 squad points that includes Bossk equipped with the Hound's Tooth Upgrade card.

The Rebel player places one satellite token from the core set within Range 1 of each corner.

Then place the six asteriods from the core set next to the play area. The Rebel player chooses one asteroid and places it in the play area. Then the Scum player chooses one of the remaining asteroids and places it in the play area. This sequence continues until all six asteroids have been placed.

Asteroids must be place within Range 1-3 of the edge of the play area and cannot be placed at Range 1-2 of any satellite or another asteroid.

Then the Rebel player chooses one of his squads and places those ships within Range 1 of either of the two Rebel edges. At least one ship must be placed in each setup area. Then the Scum player places his ships in the center of the play area, beyond Range 1-3 of any edge.

The Rebel player has initiative.

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Satellites: Satellites are treated as obstacles that can be attacked, target-locked, damaged, and destroyed. Each satellite has a hull value of "4" and an agility value of "1". For each damage or critical damage a satellite suffers, place one damage token near that satellite. For each critical damage a satellite suffers from an attack by Bossk or Nashtah Pup Pilot, place two damage tokens near that satellite. When there are four or more damage tokens near a satellite, it is destroyed.
  • Closing the Jaws: At the end of the third round, the Rebel player places his other squad within Range 1 of either neutral edge. At least one ship must be placed near the edge.

Mission Objectives[edit | edit source]

Rebel Victory: Destroy both Bossk and Nashtah Pup.

Scum Victory: Destroy the four satellite tokens. Alternatively, destroy all Rebel ships.

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