Publisher's Description[edit | edit source]

"The M3-A Scyk fighter was a light interceptor, the lightest of all the starfighter designs produced by its Mandalorian manufacturer, MandalMotors. It was named after the Scyk lizard of Tatooine. "

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play.

Included Components[edit | edit source]

Ships[edit | edit source]

  • M3-A Interceptor

Swx26 main.png

Pilots[edit | edit source]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Cannon[edit | edit source]

Title[edit | edit source]

Modification[edit | edit source]

Tokens[edit | edit source]

  • Evade Token
  • Focus Token
  • ID Tokens #45 (x3)
  • Ion Tokens (x3)
  • Shield Token
  • Stress Tokens (x2)
  • Target Lock Tokens GG/HH (x2)

Reference Cards[edit | edit source]

  • Ion Token
  • Modifications and Titles

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

"M3-A Scyk Fighter (Light Interceptor)" Maneuver Chart

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