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When you equip this card, place 1 illicit token on each illicit Upgrade card in your squad. When you are instructed to discard an Upgrade card, you may discard 1 illicit token on that card instead.

FAQ Edit

  • Any ship that has an illicit token may use it as described on the Jabba the Hutt card (that ship may discard an illicit token from a card instead of discarding the card). Illicit tokens can be spent for their effect even if the ship with Jabba the Hutt equipped is destroyed. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.4.0, Updated 10/25/2017)
  • If a ship uses Cikatro Vizago to replace an Illicit upgrade with an illicit token on it, the token is not transferred to the newly equipped Illicit upgrade

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At this time, only two ships can equip this card:

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