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"Explore epic new chapters in the Galactic Civil War with the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack for X-Wing! The Empire gains a powerful counter to the Rebellion’s huge ships with one huge, pre-painted Imperial Raider-class corvette and a new TIE Advanced miniature that features an alternate paint scheme. With rules for “energy” to fuel your shields and abilities, plus a maneuver template that gives your Raider the feel of a truly huge ship, the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack is a tremendously valuable tool for all those looking to crush the Rebellion in Cinematic and Epic Play!"

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play.

Included Components Edit

Ships Edit

  • Raider-class Corvette
  • TIE Advanced
Imperial Raider Box Photo

Pilots Edit

Imperial Raider Edit
TIE Advanced Edit

Upgrades Edit

Missiles Edit
Crew Edit
System Edit
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Cargo Edit
Hardpoint Edit
Team Edit

Tokens Edit

  • Energy Tokens (x16)
  • Evade Token
  • Focus Token
  • Ion Tokens (x4)
  • Reinforce Token
  • Shield Tokens (x12)
  • Stress Token
  • Target Lock Tokens MM/NN (x2)

Mission Tokens Edit

  • Active Sentry Tokens (x5)
  • Debris Tokens (x3)
  • Dormant Sentry Tokens (x5)

Reference Cards Edit

  • Ion Token


Damage Deck Edit