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 Card Text/Abilities[]

When this card is assigned, if it is not already in play, the player who assigned it searches the Damage deck for 1 Damage card with the Pilot trait and may place it faceup on this card. Then shuffle the damage deck.

When you suffer critical damage during an attack, you are instead dealt the chosen faceup Damage card.

When there is no Damage card on this card, remove it.

Assigned Through[]

Criticals Available[]

In The Force Awakens Core Set:

Blinded Pilot[]

  • Pilot
  • You cannot perform attacks.
  • After your next opportunity to attack (even if there was no target for an attack), flip this card facedown.

Damaged Cockpit[]

  • Pilot
  • Starting the round after you receive this card, treat your pilot skill value as "0"

Shaken Pilot[]

  • Pilot
  • During the Planning phase, you cannot be assigned straight maneuvers.
  • When you reveal a maneuver, flip this card facedown.

Stunned Pilot[]

  • Pilot
  • After you execute a maneuver, if you are touching another ship or overlapping an obstacle token, suffer 1 damage.


  • If a ship with this card assigned to it suffers critical damage during an attack, it must suffer the Damage card assigned to I'll Show You the Dark Side instead (even if it has shield tokens).
  • The effect of Darth Vader (Crew) occurs after the attack and therefore does not trigger the effect of I'll Show You the Dark Side.
  • When this card is assigned, if there are no Pilot trait damage cards remaining in the Damage deck, no Damage card is assigned to I'll Show You the Dark Side. Additionally if this card was assigned from Kylo Ren (Crew), since the action still resolved, another action is not chosen. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.4.0, updated 10/25/2017)
  • If Maarek Stele attacks a ship with I'll Show You the Dark Side assigned to it, the effect of the condition will deal the ship the Damage card on it and Maarek Stele's ability does not trigger. If the attack would cause the defender to suffer additional critical damage, Maarek Stele's ability would trigger (for that additional damage).

Condition Token[]

  • Kylo Ren

Available Through[]