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Horton Salm.png
•Horton Salm
PS 8 2 Weapon
Cost 25 1 Agility
Faction Rebel 5 Hull
Errata No 3 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primary
Pilot Ability
When attacking at Range 2-3, you may reroll any of your blank results.
Focus • Target Lock
Title • Modification • Turret • Torpedo x2 • Astromech
Maneuver Chart
Available Through
Y-Wing Expansion Pack

''Horton Salm was a Human male from the planet Norval II in the Calaron sector of the Outer Rim Territories who was a military officer of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and its successor, the New Republic. An accomplished pilot, leader, and training commander, he preferred to fly Koensayr Manufacturing BTL Y-wing starfighters over newer models, as he felt that the older craft were more reliable and would get him home in one piece. Salm led the Alliance's Gray Squadron at the Battle of Endor, surviving the run through the second Death Star's superstructure. Salm continued to command combat units, leading Aggressor Wing through the Battle of Brentaal IV nine months after Endor, an engagement that saw him promoted to the rank of general. Salm later led the Aggressors during the First Battle of Ciutric IV.''

Card Text/Abilities[]

When attacking at Range 2-3, you may reroll any of your blank results.

Possible Upgrades[]

TurretTorpedoes (2)AstromechModificationBTL-A4 Y-wing (Title)

Available Through[]

Y-Wing Expansion Pack

Card Art[]