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Han Solo Top.png
•Han Solo
PS 9 3 Weapon
Cost 46 1 Agility
Faction Rebel 8 Hull
Errata yes 5 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Large Primary
Special Features
Turret Primary Weapon
Pilot Ability
When attacking, you may reroll all of your dice. If you choose to do so, you must reroll as many of your dice as possible.
Focus • Target Lock
Title • Elite • Missile • Crew x2 • Modification
Maneuver Chart
YT-1300 Maneuvers
Unique Named
Han Solo (Crew)

Han Solo (HOR)

Available Through
Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack

Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, was one of the great leaders of the Rebel Alliance. He and his co-pilot Chewbacca came to believe in the cause of galactic freedom, joining Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa in the fight against the Empire. read more

 Possible Upgrades[]

Title (Millennium Falcon or Millennium Falcon (HOR)) • Elite • MissileCrew x2 • Modification


Card Art[]