Green Squadron Pilot
Green Squadron Pilot
PS 3 2 Weapon
Cost 19 3 Agility
Faction Rebel 2 Hull
Errata no 2 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primry

Focus • Target Lock • Boost • Evade
Title • Elite (X2) • Missile • Modification
Maneuver Chart
A-Wing Move
Available Through
A-Wing Expansion Pack

Rebel Aces Expansion Pack

Green Squadron was the name of a number of starfighter squadrons that served the Rebel Alliance and New Republic throughout the Galactic Civil War.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Conceived by General Dodonna, the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor proved its worth by crippling Star Destroyers during the Battle of Endor.

Possible Upgrades Edit

Elite (2 Elite, if A-Wing Test Pilot is fielded for this ship) • MissilesModification

Available Through Edit