X-Wing™ Complete Tutorial-0

X-Wing™ Complete Tutorial-0

Star Wars X-Wing Example of Play

Star Wars X-Wing Example of Play

General Rules PagesEdit

Golden Rules Edit

Rules can contradict or override each other. Here's how to resolve any apparent contradictions.

  • If a rule contradicts the Learn to Play booklet, the actual rule takes priority (as it is usually more up-to-date, and the Learn to Play booklet is speaking more specifically about a certain game).
  • Card abilities can override general rules.
  • Mission rules can override both card abilities and general rules.
  • If a card ability or mission effect uses the word "cannot", that effect is absolute and cannot be overwritten by other effects.

Strategy PagesEdit

These videos have aged somewhat but their basic information should still be valid.

Also see Common Terms for a list of unofficial terms you may hear people use (such as "blocking").

General Ship and Pilot ComparisonEdit

These pages have useful tools for comparing ships and finding those that have specific features. For example, you need to find a ship with Crew + Astromech slots, or ships with both Boost and Barrel Roll on their bar.

If there's a specific pilot ability you want to find, or you just want to browse what's available, check out these categories:

Pilot Skill (PS) affects the order ships move and attack. These pages let you find pilots of the skill level you need, either with or without upgrades that adjust their PS.

Useful LinksEdit