Card Text/Abilities[edit | edit source]

Rebel Only.

When attacking with a primary weapon or defending, if the enemy ship is inside your firing arc, you may add 1 blank result to your roll.

Available Through[edit | edit source]

Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When used with a Target Lock or other ability to reroll the blank, Finn nominally adds 0.5 damage to an attack (0.75 with a focus or similar effect).
  • This isn't entirely accurate when rolling/rerolling multiple dice, but it gives a general idea. Finn's added die is not as powerful as adding to the number of dice initially rolled (e.g. via Jan Ors) and then rerolling failures with a lock or Lone Wolf. His die is only rolled once (via the reroll), while other dice that failed the first roll are rolled a 2nd time, boosting their expected damage.
    • For reroll effects that don't cover multiple dice, like Lone Wolf, Finn can slightly reduce the base expected damage of the attack roll by "stealing" the reroll effect for himself; in such cases you may not get the full +0.5 or +0.75 to overall damage.
  • When used with a reroll ability like Lone Wolf, Finn adds approximately 0.38 evades (0.63 with a focus or similar effect). As with attack dice, the true effect is trickier when considering multiple dice, particularly because lone wolf can only reroll one of your blanks.
  • Non-rerolling effects like Autothrusters allow Finn to add 1.0 to the total evade count. If you rolled other blanks, however, the effect is somewhat muted as Autothrusters only affects one die. (note that this is currently moot as Finn currently cannot combine with Autothrusters on any known ships; it's just an example).
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