Epsilon Squadron Pilot
TIE/fo Fighter
PS 1 2 Weapon
Cost 15 3 Agility
Faction Imperial 3 Hull
Errata No 1 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primary
Special Features
First Order Subfaction
Focus • Target Lock • Barrel Roll • Evade
Modification • Tech
Maneuver Chart
Available Through
TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack

X-Wing The Force Awakens Core Set

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Following the tradition of the Galactic Empire, the First Order has kept the TIE fighter design in service, but has updated the craft to modern combat standards.

Possible Upgrades Edit


Comparison Edit

The TIE/fo offers much compared to the basic TIE-fighter. If its Target Lock is considered worth +2-pts (the cost of a Targeting Computer), then for the remaining +1-pt the TIE/fo gains:

  • A Tech upgrade slot
  • 1 Deflector Shield
  • Green sharp 2 turns
  • Replaces the 3 Koiogran-turn for the rare 2 Segnor Loop.

Looking at it another way, it compares very closely with a Prototype Pilot with the Chardaan Refit "upgrade". Compared to an A-wing, the TIE/fo has fewer green straight maneuvers and loses some durability (shield for hull) in exchange for the Tech upgrade slot and shuffling the 5-K and 3-K turns into a 4-K and 2-Loops, as well as trading a boost for a barrel roll.

Available Through Edit

X-Wing The Force Awakens Core Set

TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack

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