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The E-wing was designed to match or exceed the performance of the X-wing in every respect, and the E-Wing Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ introduces a starfighter that combines the best of the X-wing’s firepower and durability with the A-wing’s speed and maneuverability. With an E-wing miniature sculpted faithfully at 1/270 scale, four ship cards, five upgrade cards, maneuver dial, and tokens, this expansion comes with everything you need to pursue entirely new tactics in your X-Wing battles!

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play.

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  • E-Wing

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  • Critical Hit Token
  • Evade Token
  • Focus Token
  • ID Tokens #39-40 (3 of each)
  • Shield Tokens (x3)
  • Stress Tokens (x2)
  • Target Lock Tokens O/P (1 Red/1 Blue)

Reference Cards Edit

  • Boost Action

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"E-wing Escort Starfighter" Maneuver Card