Some cards permit players to deploy ships. To deploy a ship, follow these steps:

1. Choose a maneuver on the docked ship’s maneuver dial (this does not count as revealing a dial).

2. Take the maneuver template that matches the chosen maneuver and slide the template between the front or rear guides on the carrier ship.

3. Take the docked ship and place it at the opposite end of the template, sliding the rear guides of the docked ship into the opposite end of the template. This counts as a maneuver. If this maneuver causes the docked ship to overlap an obstacle or another ship, it follows the normal rules for overlapping. If this causes a situation in which the docked ship cannot be placed in the play area, the docked ship is destroyed.

4. If the docked ship has not overlapped an obstacle or another ship and is not stressed, it may perform one action.