Countess Ryad Pilot Card


TIE Defender Maneuver Dial

Countess Iran Ryad was a Human female Imperial politician and starfighter ace. With her wealth and influence, she took up starfighter pilot training as a hobby. After the Battle of Endor, Ryad gave up her political career to become a pilot. She used her influence to requisition an advanced TIE/D Defender as her personal starfighter.

 Card Text/Abilities Edit

When you reveal a [Straight] maneuver, you may treat it as a [K-Turn] maneuver.

Action Bar Edit

FocusTarget LockBarrel Roll

Possible Upgrades Edit

EliteCannonMissilesModification • Title (TIE/x7 or TIE/D)

Available Through Edit

Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack

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