These are the actions that appear (or can be added) on the action bar of each type of ship. The tables are divided between Common Actions (which appear on many ships) and Specialized Actions (which are relatively rare).

Common Actions[edit | edit source]


  • 1 Small ships with a modification slot can gain Barrel Roll by equipping Vectored Thrusters.
  • 2 Any ship with a modification slot can equip Engine Upgrade to gain Boost.
  • 3 Thus far, every small and large ship has focus. It is the single action that is found universally (except on huge ships, which cannot focus).
  • 4 Any ship with a modification slot can equip Targeting Computer to gain Target Lock.
  • 5 This column lists specialized actions for this ship, which are also listed (and sortable) in the Specialized Actions table below.
  • 6 The Kihraxz can equip 3 modifications with the Vaksai title, uniquely allowing it to use Engine Upgrade to enable also taking Autothrusters. Or it can gain both Boost and Barrel Roll with Engine Upgrade + Vectored Thrusters.
  • 7 X-Wings can temporarily have either barrel roll or boost, depending on which side of Servomotor S-Foils is face-up.
  • u This means this ship has its own specialized Upgrade (often a Title) to provide the action (e.g. Millennium Falcon), and which is typically unique (so you can only equip one of these ships with it).
Ship Barrel Roll 1 Boost 2 Evade Focus 3 Target Lock 4 Specialized 5
Alpha-Class Star Wing F TL RL, SL
A-Wing BT E F TL
Aggressor BT E F TL
ARC-170 F TL
Attack Shuttle BR E F
Auzituck Gunship F RE
B-Wing BR F TL
B/SF-17 Bomber F TL
E-Wing BR E F TL
Firespray-31 E F TL
G-1A Starfighter BR u E F TL
HWK-290 F TL
JumpMaster 5000 BR F TL
K-Wing F TL SL
Kihraxz Fighter 6 F TL
Lambda Shuttle F TL
Lancer-class Pursuit Craft E F TL RA
M12-L Kimogila Fighter BR F TL RL
M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor BR E F TL
Protectorate Starfighter BR BT F TL
Quadjumper BR F
Scurrg H-6 Bomber BR F TL
Sheathipede-class Shuttle F TL CO
StarViper BR BT F TL
TIE Advanced BR E F TL
TIE Adv. Prototype BR BT F TL
TIE Aggressor BR F TL
TIE Bomber BR F TL
TIE Defender BR F TL
TIE Fighter BR E F
TIE Interceptor BR BT E F
TIE Phantom BR E F CL
TIE Punisher BT F TL
TIE Reaper E F JM
TIE Silencer BR BT F TL
TIE Striker BR E F
TIE/fo Fighter BR E F TL
TIE/sab Fighter BR E F
TIE/sf Fighter BR F TL
T-70 X-Wing BT F TL
U-Wing F TL
Upsilon Shuttle F TL CO
VCX-100 E F TL
VT-49 Decimator F TL
X-Wing BR 7 BT 7 F TL
Y-Wing F TL
YT-1300 E u F TL
YT-2400 BR F TL
YV-666 F TL
Z-95 Headhunter F TL

Specialized Actions[edit | edit source]


  • 1 A small ship with an illicit slot is able to equip Cloaking Device to gain a one-time use Cloak action. It's a unique upgrade, however, so only one ship in your fleet can do so.
  • 2 Any large ship with an illicit slot is able to equip Burnout Slam to gain a one-time use SLAM action.
Ship Cloak1 Coordinate Jam Reinforce Reload Rotate Arc SLAM2
Alpha-Class Star Wing RL SL
Auzituck Gunship RE
K-Wing SL
Lancer-class Pursuit Craft RA
M12-L Kimogila Fighter RL
Sheathipede-class Shuttle CO
TIE Phantom CL
TIE Reaper JM
Upsilon Shuttle CO

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