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Chewbacca was a wise, sophisticated being of great strength and loyalty. As technologically savvy as the brightest Academy graduate, he was also a skilled mechanic. Chewbacca, like many Wookiees, was able to understand Basic, but he could not speak it due to his species's vocal structure. He instead spoke Shyriiwook, the main Wookiee language, composed largely of growls and grunts, to his non-Wookiee companions who typically replied in Basic.

Card Text/Abilities[]


When you are dealt a Damage card, you may immediately discard that card and recover 1 shield.

Then, discard this Upgrade card.


  • If a ship equipped with Chewbacca suffers critical damage, the player may look at that card before choosing whether to use Chewbacca’s ability to discard it.
  • If a ship equipped with Chewbacca is about to suffer its last damage before it would be destroyed, Chewbacca may be used to prevent that one damage and recover a shield. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.1.1, Updated 07/24/2015)

Available Through[]

Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack

Unique Named[]

Chewbacca (YT-1300 Pilot)