Pilot Skill Cost Elite Talent? Faction Pilot Name Pilot Ability
8 19 Yes Rebel Airen Cracken After you perform an attack, you may choose another friendly ship at Range 1. That ship may perform 1 free action.
6 17 Yes Rebel Lieutenant Blount When attacking, the defender is hit by your attack, even if he does not suffer any damage.
4 13 No Rebel Tala Squadron Pilot none
2 12 No Rebel Bandit Squadron Pilot none
7 17 Yes Scum N'dru Suhlak While attacking, if there are no other friendly ships at Range 1-2, roll 1 additional attack die.
5 15 Yes Scum Kaat'o Leeachos At the start of the Combat phase, you may remove 1 focus or evade token from another friendly ship at Range 1-2 and assign it to yourself.
3 13 No Scum Black Sun Soldier none
1 12 No Scum Binayre Pirate none
special n/a No Scum Nashtah Pup Pilot You have the pilot skill and pilot ability of the friendly destroyed ship equipped with the Hound's Tooth Upgrade card.

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