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Torpedo is a category of Upgrades in X-Wing. Torpedoes are a type of secondary weapons, characterized by the need of a having a Target Lock and discarding the Torpedo card to Attack.

Ships that can equip a Torpedo are:

Torpedo Introduced in Squad Points Restrictions Range Dice Text
Proton Torpedoes Core Set 4 Spend a Target Lock 2-3 4 You may change 1 of your focus results to a critical result.
Advanced Proton Torpedoes Wave 3 6 Spend a Target Lock 1 5 You may change up to 3 of your blank results to focus results.
Flechette Torpedoes Rebel Transport 2 Spend a Target Lock 2-3 3 After you perform this attack, the defender receives 1 stress token if its hull value is "4" or lower.
Ion Torpedoes Wave 5 5 Spend a Target Lock 2-3 4 If this attack hits, the defender and each ship at Range 1 of it receives 1 ion token.
Bomb Loadout Wave 6 0 Y-Wing only. Limited. - - Your upgrade bar gains the Bomb icon.
Extra Munitions Wave 7 2 Limited. - - When you equip this card, place 1 ordnance token on each equipped Torpedoes, Missiles, and Bomb Upgrade card. When you are instructed to discard an Upgrade card, you may discard 1 ordnance token on that card instead.
Plasma Torpedoes Wave 7 3 Spend a Target Lock 2-3 4 If this attack hits, after dealing damage, remove 1 shield token from the defender.
Seismic Torpedo Wave 9 2 none 1-2 - ACTION: Discard this card to choose an obstacle at Range 1-2 and inside your primary firing arc. Each ship at Range 1 of the obstacle rolls 1 attack die and suffers any damage or critical damage rolled. Then remove the obstacle.
Renegade Refit Wave 14 -2 T-65 X-Wing and U-Wing Only. - - You may equip up to two different Modification upgrades.

The squad point cost of each of your equipped Elite upgrades is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0).

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