Pilot Skill Cost Elite Talent? Pilot Name Pilot Ability
8 24 Yes Tomax Bren Once per round, after you discard an Elite Upgrade card, flip that card faceup.
7 26 Yes Major Rhymer When attacking with a secondary weapon, you may increase or decrease the weapon range by 1 to a limit of Range 1-3.
6 22 Yes Captain Jonus When another friendly ship at Range 1 attacks with a secondary weapon, it may reroll up to 2 attack dice.
5 19 Yes Gamma Squadron Veteran none
4 18 No Gamma Squadron Pilot none
3 17 No "Deathfire" When you reveal your maneuver dial or after you perform an action, you may perform a Bomb Upgrade card action as a free action.
2 16 No Scimitar Squadron Pilot none

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