Pilot Skill Cost Elite Talent? Pilot Name Pilot Ability
9 29 Yes Darth Vader During your "Perform Action" step, you may perform 2 actions.
8 28 Yes Juno Eclipse When you reveal your maneuver, you may increase or decrease its speed by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
7 27 Yes Maarek Stele When your attack deals a faceup Damage card to the defender, instead draw 3 Damage cards, choose 1 to deal and discard the others.
6 26 Yes Zertik Strom Enemy ships at Range 1 cannot add their range combat bonus when attacking.
5 25 Yes Commander Alozen At the start of the Combat phase, you may acquire a target lock on an enemy ship at Range 1.
4 23 No Storm Squadron Pilot none
3 23 No Lieutenant Colzet At the start of the End phase, you may spend a target lock you have on an enemy ship to flip 1 random facedown Damage card assigned to it faceup.
2 21 No Tempest Squadron Pilot none

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