X-Wing Miniatures Wiki
Pilot Skill Cost Elite Talent? Pilot Name Pilot Ability
8 21 Yes "Omega Leader" Enemy ships that you have locked cannot modify any dice when attacking you or defending against your attacks.
7 20 Yes "Zeta Leader" When attacking, if you are not stressed, you may receive 1 stress token to roll 1 additional attack die.
7 20 Yes "Omega Ace" When attacking, you may spend a focus token and a target lock you have on the defender to change all of your results to Critical Hit results.
6 19 No "Epsilon Leader" At the start of the Combat phase, remove 1 stress token from each friendly ship at Range 1.
5 18 Yes "Zeta Ace" When performing a barrel roll, you may use the Straight 2 template (instead of the Straight 1 template).
4 17 No "Epsilon Ace" While you do not have any Damage cards, treat your pilot skill value as "12."
4 17 Yes Omega Squadron Pilot none
3 16 No Zeta Squadron Pilot none
1 15 No Epsilon Squadron Pilot none

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