Secondary weapons are upgrades that feature the "ATTACK:" header in their card text. They provide additional types of attack other than a ship's primary weapon that hit especially hard or disable the enemy.

Rules Edit

The attacker chooses to use a secondary weapon when declaring a target. To use a secondary weapon, the attacker must meet all requirements indicated in the card's text, and the desired target must be inside the attacker's firing arc and at the weapon range specified on the card. If all requirements are met, the attacker can declare that it is using the secondary weapon during the "Declare Target" step, and it rolls the number of attack dice indicated by the red attack value on the card during the "Roll Attack Dice" step.

  • Range combat bonuses do not apply during secondary weapon attacks.
  • Secondary weapons use the ship's primary firing arc unless the card (or another effect, e.g. Nera Dantels) specifies otherwise.
  • The "ATTACK (TARGET LOCK):" header indicates that the attacker must have a target lock on the defender. The attacker does not need to spend this target lock unless instructed by the Upgrade card.
  • The "ATTACK (FOCUS)" header indicates that the attacker must have a focus token. The attacker does not need to spend this focus token unless instructed by the Upgrade card.

Secondary WeaponsEdit

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Chart of upgradesEdit

Upgrade Type Squad Points Attack Dice Special
"Hot Shot" Blaster Illicit 3 3 Discard
"Mangler" Cannon Cannon 4 3 1 critical
Adv. Homing Missiles Missile 3 3 Face up damage
Advanced Proton Torpedoes Torpedo 6 5 3 blanks > focus
Assault Missiles Missile 5 4 Splash damage
Autoblaster Cannon 5 3 Hits not cancelled
Autoblaster Turret Turret 2 2 Hits not cancelled
Blaster Turret Turret 4 3 Spend 1 focus token
Cluster Missiles Missile 4 3 perform attack twice.
Concussion Missiles Missile 4 4 1 blank to hit
Dual Laser Turret Hardpoint 5 3
Extra Munitions Ordinance 2 - 1 ordnance token on each
Flechette Cannon Cannon 2 3 1 stress token
Flechette Torpedoes Torpedo 2 3 1 stress token
Heavy Laser Cannon Cannon 7 4 change all critical hits to hits
Heavy Laser Turret Hardpoint 5 4
Homing Missiles Missile 5 4 no Evade tokens
Ion Cannon Cannon 3 3 1 damage, 1 ion token
Ion Cannon Battery Hardpoint 6 4 1 critical hit, 1 ion token.
Ion Cannon Turret Turret 5 3 1 damage, 1 ion token
Ion Pulse Missiles Missile 3 3 1 damage, 2 ion tokens
Ion Torpedoes Torpedo 5 4 1 ion token to target and all ships at range 1
Plasma Torpedoes Torpedo 3 4 target loses 1 shield after damage
Proton Rockets Missile 3 2 extra attack dice equal to agility
Proton Torpedoes Torpedo 4 4 Change 1 focus to hit
Quad Laser Cannons Hardpoint 6 3 If miss spend 1 energy for 2nd attack
Scrambler Missiles Missile 2 3 1 jam token
Snap Shot Elite Talent 2 2 attack during the Activation Phase
Single Turbolasers Hardpoint 8 4 Change 1 focus to hit
Tractor Beam Cannon 1 3 no damage, assign tractor beam token
XX-23 S-Thread Tracers Missile 1 3 0 damage, TL for all range 0-2

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