Missions are an alternate mode of play in X-Wing Miniatures. These scenarios come from the two core sets (the original and The Force Awakens), the two aces expansions (Imperial Aces and Rebel Aces), the large ship expansions, and some of the huge ship expansions. They are intended to add variety to the game, and familiarize players with new ships and game mechanics.

Mission Title Available Through
Mission 1: Political Escort X-Wing Core Set
Mission 2: Asteroid Run X-Wing Core Set
Mission 3: Dark Whispers X-Wing Core Set
Mission 4: Den of Thieves Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack
Mission 5: Preystalker Slave I Expansion Pack
Mission 6: Undeniable Assets Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack
Mission 7: Cutting the Cord Imperial Aces Expansion Pack
Mission 8: Rendezvous Rebel Transport Expansion Pack
Mission 9: Jump To Subspace Rebel Aces Expansion Pack
Mission 10: Get In, Get Out YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack
Mission 11: Interdiction VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack
Mission 12: Bounty Hunt IG-2000 Expansion Pack
Mission 13: Pursuit Imperial Raider Expansion Pack
Mission 14: Hunting the Hunter Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack
Mission 15: Sabotage Ghost Expansion Pack
Mission 16: Payback Punishing One Expansion Pack
Mission 17: Disable the Relays Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack
Mission 18: Grab and Smash Shadow Caster Expansion Pack
Mission 18m: Outer Rim Raid Fantasy Flight Website
Mission 19: Final Mission Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack
Mission 20: Patrol Ambush U-wing Expansion Pack
Mission F1: Ambush The Force Awakens Core Set
Mission F2: Raid The Force Awakens Core Set
Mission F3: Rescue The Force Awakens Core Set

Huge Ship Campaigns Edit

Each of the huge ships come with campaigns consisting of many interconnected missions. Some of the campaigns are "branching," in that the success or failure of a given mission determines the next mission that follows.

Campaign Available Through
The Evacuation of Hoth Rebel Transport Expansion Pack
The Point of No Return Tantive IV Expansion Pack
The Will of the Empire Imperial Raider Expansion Pack
Imperial Crackdown Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack
Smuggler's Lament C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack

The Evacuation of Hoth Edit

A GR-75 Transport and its escort desperately attempt to flee Hoth and avoid destruction at the hands of the Empire.

Point of No Return Edit

A group of Rebel sympathizers aboard a CR90 Corvette must escape wave upon wave of the Empire’s TIE fighters in order to deliver vital information to the Rebel Alliance.

The Will of the Empire Edit

A Raider-class corvette supervises the running of a prototype TIE Advanced through its test flights in the wild, lawless sectors of the Outer Rim.

Imperial Crackdown Edit

The Imperial Crackdown campaign follows a Gozanti-class cruiser charged with interdicting and destroying agents of the Rebel Alliance.

X-Wing Mission Control Edit

X-Wing Mission Control is a free online resource created by Fantasy Flight Games that allows players to design and share their own missions.

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