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Huge Ships function differently from regular ships in the X-Wing Miniatures Game. They have different rules regarding movement, actions, and combat. They have unique upgrades, and use the special game mechanic of Energy. Each huge ship has a damage deck specific to that ship.

Huge ships cannot be used in regular tournament play. They can only be used in Epic Play and Cinematic Play scenarios.

Huge Ship Upgrades[]

Although huge ships have some upgrade slots capable of taking conventional upgrades such as Crew Members, they mainly take upgrades that cannot be equipped on small and large ships, such as:

Huge Ships may only take Modifications that are labeled "Huge Ship only", such as Combat Retrofit.

Huge Ship Movement[]


Huge ships activate after all small and large ships have activated, in order of pilot skill (lowest to highest).

Forward Maneuvers:

  1. Place the huge ship maneuver template on either side of the ship's front base, so that the bottom line of the template lines up with the rear edge of the front base.
  2. Move the ship so that the rear edge of the ship's front base lines up with the intended maneuver's speed line.

Bank Maneuvers:

  1. Place the huge ship template on the side of the front base so that the direction of the arrows on the template match the intended direction of the maneuver. The corner of the rear edge of the ship's front base should fit into the notch at the bottom of the template.
  2. Move the ship so that the front corner of the ship's front base fits in the right angle below the chosen maneuver's image on the template.


  • Huge Ship vs. Small/Large Ship: If a huge ship's final position overlaps with a small or large ship, the small or large ship is immediately destroyed. Then, the huge ship's player rolls one attack die for each small ship and two dice for each large ship, and suffers any Hits or Critical Hits rolled.
  • Small/Large Ship vs. Huge Ship: If a small or large ship's movement causes it to overlap a huge ship, apply the standard rules for overlapping ships, then roll one attack dice and suffer any Hits or Critical Hits rolled.
  • Huge Ship vs. Huge Ship: If a huge ship's final position overlaps with another huge ship, apply the standard rules for overlapping ships, except the huge ships do not lose their actions. Instead, both ships are dealt one faceup Damage card corresponding to the affected section.
  • Huge Ship vs. Obstacle: If a huge ship's final position overlaps with an obstacle, the huge ship is dealt one faceup Damage card corresponding to the affected section. Then, the obstacle is removed from play. The huge ship does not lose its action.



Huge ships can gain and spend Energy to perform special actions and trigger effects. The maximum amount of energy that a card (i.e. a ship card, or upgrade card) can have at any time is its Energy Limit.

Huge ships gain energy by executing maneuvers (all maneuvers provide a certain amount of energy), or through certain upgrade cards such as Tibanna Gas Supplies.

When a ship gains energy, the ship's controlling player places the specified number of energy tokens on the ship card. That player may then allocate the energy by moving them from the ship card to any other cards (such as upgrade cards) with an Energy Limit.

Energy is spent as directed by upgrade or damage cards with the header "Energy:"

All huge ships begin the game with energy tokens on the ship card and secondary weapon cards up to each card's energy limit (unless otherwise directed by a Campaign or Mission).

Gaining and Spending Energy[]

To gain and spend energy, huge ships resolve two additional steps during the Activation phase. These steps occur between the “Clean Up” and “Perform Action” steps, and they occur in the following order:

1. Gain Energy: The ship gains a number of energy tokens equal to the number of energy icons shown on the chosen maneuver on the maneuver dial (below the speed number).

2. Allocate Energy: The ship’s controlling player may remove tokens from their Ship card and place them on any cards with an energy limit that are equipped to the ship. They cannot place energy tokens on a card in excess of its energy limit.

3. Use Energy: The ship may use one or more of its Upgrade cards or Damage cards with the “Energy:” header. Each card with this header can be used only once per round.

Huge Ship Actions[]

Huge ships have actions that are different from those of small and large ships. Huge ships cannot perform free actions.

Ships with two sections (such as the CR90 Corvette and Imperial Raider) may perform two actions, one for the fore section (or upgrades equipped there), and one for the aft section (or upgrades equipped there).


To perform the Coordinate action, a huge ship chooses another friendly ship at Range 1-2. That ship may immediately perform one free action.


To perform the Jam action, a huge ship chooses one enemy ship at Range 1-2 and assigns Stress tokens until the ship has 2 total stress tokens.


To perform the Recover action, a huge ship removes all energy tokens from the corresponding ship card. For each energy token removed, the ship recovers one shield, up to its maximum shield value.

If a ship has more than one ship card, then for each energy token, the ship recovers one shield on either of its sections.


To perform the Reinforce action, a huge ship places one reinforce token next to either the fore or aft section of the ship. A ship with a reinforce token that is defending adds one Evade result to its defense roll, but only for the section to which the reinforce token is assigned.

The reinforce token stays on the ship until the end of the round, and therefore can be used against multiple attacks. In this way, the Reinforce action is like an Evade action that lasts throughout the round, rather than for just a single attack.

Target Lock[]

Huge ships may acquire target locks in the same way as other ships.

Effect of Tokens on Huge Ships[]

Focus, evade, and stress tokens do not affect huge ships.

Huge ships do not suffer the normal effects of ion tokens. Instead, during the Gain Energy phase, the affected huge ship takes one less Energy for each ion token assigned to it. Then all ion tokens are removed at the end of the Activation Phase.

Obstructing Attacks[]

Huge ships obstruct attacks. When a ship performs an attack, if its closest-point-to-closest-point line passes through any part of a section of a huge ship and that huge ship is not the target, the attack is obstructed; the defender rolls one additional defense die.

Huge Ship Combat[]

Huge ships may perform several attacks: one with its primary weapon (two in the case of the Imperial Raider, if it spends 2 energy), and one with each of its secondary weapons. Secondary weapons may fire out of any firing arc printed on the section where it is equipped.

Huge ships have an agility of "0", but may roll defense dice granted by cards, range modifiers, obstructed attacks, etc.

To target a huge ship, the attacker must follow these steps:

  1. Choose either the fore or aft section.
  2. Measure a line from the center of the attacking ship's base to the center of the base of the chosen section. The line cannot cross the blue center line; if it does, the attacker must choose another target. If it does not cross the blue line, then the section may be targeted in the attack.
  3. Range is determined by the line from the closest point of the attacking ship to the closest point of the huge ship's section that is inside the attacker's firing arc (unless the attack is allowed to ignore firing arcs).

Huge ships may attack anywhere between Range 1 and Range 5, depending on the range of the primary and secondary weapons. If a ship attacks at Range 3 or beyond, the defender rolls one additional defense dice.

Turret Primary Weapon[]

Some huge ships have a primary weapon that is a turret. Thus, the Ship card will show the turret primary weapon icon, and the ship token will show a circular red arrow as a reminder.

When that ship attacks with its turret primary weapon, it may target an enemy ship inside or outside its firing arc, and it measures range from the corresponding section’s base. When that ship targets a ship outside of its firing arc, measure a line from the exact center of the chosen ship’s base to the exact center of the huge ship’s corresponding base. If this line is not obstructed by the blue center line on the huge ship’s token, the huge ship can declare the chosen ship as the defender.


Each huge ship has a Damage deck for each ship section. Each huge ship has Damage decks specific to that ship. 

Crippled Sections and Destruction[]

Crippled sides of the Imperial Raider ship cards

When the number of Damage cards on a section equals or exceeds its hull value, flip the ship card over to its "crippled" side, and discard any upgrade cards and energy tokens in excess of the upgrade icons and Energy Limit shown on that side.

Crippled sections cannot be targeted and cannot suffer damage.

If both sections are crippled, the huge ship is destroyed.

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