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Cargo is a category of Upgrades that can only be carried by Huge Ships.

Ships that can equip Cargo are:

Cargo Introduced in Squad Points Restrictions Text
Backup Shield Generator Rebel Transport 3 Limited. At the end of each round, you may spend 1 energy to recover 1 shield (up to your shield value).
Comms Booster Rebel Transport 4 none ENERGY: Spend 1 energy to remove all stress tokens from a friendly ship at Range 1-3. Then assign 1 focus token to that ship.
EM Emitter Rebel Transport 3 Limited. When you obstruct an attack, the defender rolls 3 additional defense dice (instead of 1).
Engine Booster Rebel Transport 3 Limited. Immediately before you reveal your maneuver dial, you may spend 1 energy to execute a white [Straight 1] maneuver. You cannot use this ability if you would overlap another ship.
Expanded Cargo Hold Rebel Transport 1 GR-75 only. Once per round, when you would be dealt a faceup Damage card, you may draw that card from either the fore or aft Damage deck.
Frequency Jammer Rebel Transport 4 Limited. When you perform a jam action, choose 1 enemy ship that does not have a stress token and is at Range 1 of the jammed ship. The chosen ship receives 1 stress token.
Shield Projector Rebel Transport 4 none When an enemy ship is declaring either a small or large ship as the target of its attack, you may spend 3 energy to force that ship to target you if possible.
Slicer Tools Rebel Transport 7 none ACTION: Choose 1 or more enemy ships at Range 1-3 that have a stress token. For each ship chosen, you may spend 1 energy to cause that ship to suffer 1 damage.
Tibanna Gas Supplies Rebel Transport 4 Limited. ENERGY: You may discard this card to gain 3 energy.
Ionization Reactor Tantive IV 4 Limited. Energy: Spend 5 energy from this card and discard this card to cause each other ship at Range 1 to suffer 1 damage and receive 1 ion token.
Broadcast Array Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack 2 Gozanti-Class Cruiser only. Your action bar gains the Jam action icon.
Docking Clamps Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack 0 Gozanti-Class Cruiser only. Limited. You may dock up to 4 TIE fighters, TIE Interceptors, TIE bombers, or TIE Advanced to this ship. All of these ships must have the same ship type.
Cluster Bombs Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack 4 none After defending, you may discard this card. If you do, each other ship at Range 1 of the defending section rolls 2 attack dice, suffering all damage and critical damage rolled.
Quick-Release Cargo Locks C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack 2 C-ROC Cruiser and GR-75 only. Limited. At the end of the Activation phase, you may discard this card to place 1 container token.
Supercharged Power Cells C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack 3 Limited. When attacking, you may discard this card to roll 2 additional attack dice.

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