This Category includes all upgrades with the "Action:" Header. All of these upgrades have synergy with the Experimental Interface upgrade, and the elite pilot talents with "Youngster"'s ability.

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Name Squad Cost Upgrade Type Restrictions Paraphrased Description
"Gonk" 2 Crew Scum only. Store a shield; Regain a shield.

(Two separate actions)

"Leebo" (Crew) 2 Crew Rebel only. Free boost, then receive ion token.
Black Market Slicer Tools 1 Illicit none Choose stressed enemy at range 1-2, roll attack die, deal damage card with hit/crit, remove it's stress.
Cloaking Device 2 Illicit Small Ship only. Cloak action.
Cluster Mines 4 Bomb none Place Cluster Mine tokens.
Conner Net 4 Bomb none Place Conner Net token.
Daredevil 3 Elite none Perform white Left or Right turn 1, receive stress.
Debris Gambit 2 Elite Small Ship only Add up to 2 evade token for nearby obstacle(s) at range 1.
Expert Handling 2 Elite none Barrel roll, then lose a target lock. If you normally can't barrel roll, then receive a stress token.
Expose 4 Elite none Primary weapon +1, agility -1, until end of round.
Fleet Officer 3 Crew Imperial only. Give focus to 2 friendlies at range 1-2, receive stress.
General Hux 5 Crew Imperial only. Give focus to 3 friendlies at range 1-2 and give "Fanatical Devotion" condition to 1 of them, receive stress.
Jyn Erso 2 Crew Rebel only. Give focus tokens to a friendly equal to the number of enemies in your arc at range1-3. max 3.
Kylo Ren 3 Crew Imperial only. Give the "I'll Show You the Dark Side" condition to an enemy at range 1-3.
Lando Calrissian (Crew) 3 Crew Rebel only. Roll 2 defense dice, receive all focus/evades rolled as requisite tokens.
Marksmanship 3 Elite none Change all focus results when attacking to hits and one crit.
Proximity Mines 3 Bomb none Place Proximity Mine token.
R2-F2 3 Astromech none +1 agility until end of round.
R5-D8 3 Astromech none Roll defense die, discard facedown damage card with focus/evade.
R7-T1 3 Astromech none Choose enemy at range1-2, if you are in it's arc, target lock, then boost.
Rage 1 Elite none Assign 1 focus token, receive 2 stress. Until end of round, may reroll up to 3 attack dice.
Rear Admiral Chiraneau (Crew) 3 Crew Huge Ship only. Imperial only. Execute white 1 forward maneuver.
Rigged Cargo Chute 1 Illicit Large Ship only. Place cargo token.
Saboteur 2 Crew none Choose enemy at range 1, roll attack die, flip a damage card faceup with hit/crit.
Seismic Torpedo 2 Torpedo none Discard card, choose obstacle at range 1-2, have all ships at range 1 of the obstacle roll for damage, remove the obstacle.
Slicer Tools 7 Cargo none Choose enemies at range 1-3, for each ship, spend 1 energy to cause 1 damage.
Spacetug Tractor Array 2 Modification Quadjumper only. Choose ship inside your arc at range 1, give it tractor beam token, resolve effects of tractor beam token even if it is friendly.
Squad Leader 2 Elite none Choose friendly at range 1-2 with lower PS, it may perform 1 free action.
Toryn Farr 6 Crew Huge Ship only. Rebel only. Spend energy, choose enemy ships at range 1-2, remove tokens from them.
WED-15 Repair Droid 2 Crew Huge Ship only. Spend energy to discard damage cards.

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