Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Card

Firespray 31 Move

Firespray-31 Maneuver Card

Bounty hunters were mercenaries for hire who tracked down and captured or killed anyone with a price on their head, although they were also known for doing nearly anything for the right price including the protection of clients. The best bounty hunters were very well armed, smart and clever, and had very effective weapons, making them even more dangerous.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

Originally intended as a prisoner transport, the Firespray patrol craft features a versatile weapons array and heavy armor plating.

Possible Upgrades Edit

CannonBombCrewMissilesModificationSlave I (Title) • Torpedoes (if Slave I is fielded for this ship), or 2 additional bombs (if Andrasta is fielded for this ship)

Available Through Edit

Slave 1 Expansion Pack