Bossk Card

One of the most feared bounty hunters of the galaxy, Bossk used his natural Trandoshan hunting instincts to capture his prey. During the Clone Wars, the red-eyed reptilian partnered with Aurra Sing, Castas and young Boba Fett. Bossk didn't care much for vendettas or politics. He was in it to get paid. After a brief stint in a Republic prison, Bossk continued his partnership with Fett, becoming a bodyguard to the teen bounty hunter. Decades later, Bossk answered Darth Vader's call to capture the Millennium Falcon after the Battle of Hoth, an assignment that put him in direct competition with Boba.

Card Text/Abilities Edit

When you perform an attack that hits, before dealing damage, you may cancel 1 of your critical results to add 2 hit results.

Possible Upgrades Edit

EliteCannonMissilesCrew (3)IllicitModification

YV-666 Maneuver Dial

Hound's Tooth (Title)

FAQ Edit

When a ship is hit by Bossk’s attack, Bossk may cancel a critical result to add 2 hit results before Draw Their Fire or Xizor’s ability can be used. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.2, Updated 09/04/2015)


Bossk Alternative Art card from the 2016 National Championship kit

Unique Name Edit

Bossk (Crew)

Available Through Edit

Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack