Swx64 spread

Publisher's Description

Designed by Appazanna Engineering Works of Kashyyyk and equipped with three wide-range Sureggi twin laser cannons, the Auzituck gunship was known for its impressive firepower and incredible durability. The Auzituck Gunship Expansion Pack brings this ship to X-Wing™ as a resilient, pre-painted, small-base Rebel starship with three attack, one agility, and six hull protected by three shields and the reinforce action. You’ll find even more ammunition and defensive options among the expansion’s four ship cards and six upgrades.

Included ComponentsEdit


  • Auzituck Gunship
    Swx64 main





Modification Edit


  • Critical Hit Token
  • Focus Token
  • ID Tokens #68, #69 (3 each)
  • Reinforce Tokens (x2)
  • Shield Tokens (x3)
  • Stress Token 

Reference CardsEdit

Additional Information Edit

36-36 536-36 R-SPACE-L36-36 R-SPACE36-36 R-STRAIGHT-R36-36 R-SPACE36-36 R-SPACE-R
36-36 436-36 R-SPACE-L36-36 R-SPACE36-36 R-STRAIGHT-W36-36 R-SPACE36-36 R-SPACE-R
36-36 336-36 R-TURN-LW36-36 R-BANK-LW36-36 R-STRAIGHT-G36-36 R-BANK-RW36-36 R-TURN-RW
36-36 236-36 R-TURN-LW36-36 R-BANK-LW36-36 R-STRAIGHT-G36-36 R-BANK-RW36-36 R-TURN-RW
36-36 136-36 R-SPACE-L36-36 R-BANK-LG36-36 R-STRAIGHT-G36-36 R-BANK-RG36-36 R-SPACE-R

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