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Advanced Targeting Computer Card

Card Text/Abilities[]


When attacking with your primary weapon, if you have a target lock on the defender, you may add 1 critical result to your roll. If you do, you cannot spend target locks during this attack.


Darth Vader can be equipped with the Advanced Targeting Computer Upgrade card. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.2, Updated 09/04/2015)

A TIE Advanced equipped with Adv. Targeting Computer needs to have a target lock on the defender in order to use the ability. The TIE Advanced cannot use a target lock on the defender from a friendly ship equipped with Targeting Synchronizer for this requirement nor can it spend that target lock if it uses the ability of Adv. Targeting Computer. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.4.0, Updated 10/25/2017)

Available Through[]

Imperial Raider Expansion Pack