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TIE Fighter
PS 7 2 Weapon
Cost 17 3 Agility
Faction Imperial 3 Hull
Errata no 0 Shields
Size Firing Arcs
Small Primary
Pilot Ability
When attacking a defender that has 1 or more Damage cards, roll 1 additional attack die.
Focus • Barrel Roll • Evade
Elite • Modification
Maneuver Chart
TIE Fighter Maneuvers
Available Through
Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack

Trel "Scourge" Skutu was an Imperial TIE pilot and flight leader, going by the callsign of "Scourge". Despite his dislike for the Rebel Alliance, Skutu admitted he respected the aggressiveness and ability of Rebel starfighter pilots.

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Possible Upgrades[]


Card Art[]

"Scourge" pilot card. Card Artist: Ameen Naksewee