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When you are hit by an attack if there is at least 1 uncanceled critical result, each other ship at Range 1 suffers 1 damage. Then discard this card and receive 1 facedown Damage card.

When you are destroyed, each ship at Range 1 suffers 1 damage.

Action: Discard this card. Then roll 1 attack die. On a hit or critical result, suffer 1 damage.

FAQ Edit

When an attack hits a ship (after "Compare Results," before "Deal Damage") with the Harpooned! condition and has 1 or more uncanceled critical results, the condition resolves at that time.

Note that this occurs even if those critical results are subsequently canceled, as in the case of Twin Laser Turret, Ion Cannon, Jamming Beam, etc, but not if the critical results are altered or removed at an earlier step, such as by Heavy Laser Cannon's effect. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 4.4.1, Updated 22/1/2018)

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